The advantages and disadvantages of Accepting or Rejecting Counter Offers

A DILEMMA: Having taken a decision to depart from your business for greener pastures, and receive a counter-offerthat puts you into a dilemma. The stakes are extremely large and whatever choice you arrive has its implications. Your present employer is in an advantageous position, since you’re still within their employment. They’re essentially motivating one to think about withdrawing your approval of this offer from the prospective employer. In a subtle manner they’re rejecting your resignation. They’re hanging a lettuce.

MESSAGES: This counter offer is sending different career management messages into the 3 parties.

• TO CURRENT EMPLOYER: They’ve overlooked and suppressed your significance before other industry partners recognized it first and strove to grab you away from these. This is often occurring to employees that the business has grown .

• TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER: Nicely done, you’re put on in the hunt, and the present company is presently a spoiler and doesn’t wish to forego this sexy gift you’ve just discovered. They saw you coming. They’ve been oblivious of your abilities and career development.

• TO YOU, THE EMPLOYEE: You have worth to add to your present or potential employer. You’re a hot gift, and desired by the two businesses. There has to be something around you which makes you a special talent. The question you need to answer is: do you really understand what’s the distinctive value proposition which makes the two businesses struggle over you? If you don’t know your value proposition, you’re likely to undersell yourself or choose a wrong career choice.

DECISIVENESS: This really is the time to be crucial about your career management post this issue. Should you choose emotional decisions, you’re very likely to be hurt. You need to remain in your logical mind in choosing career choices constantly. This is the second in which you want to reach out to a career mentor and coach. If you don’t own a career trainer and/or mentor, then you find one. You cannot be alone in the management of your livelihood.

CRITICAL POINT: The counter offer isn’t a counter offer if it isn’t a formal commitment to you in writing, from proper decision maker at your present employer. It ought to be greater than cash but comprise other employment benefits which will cause one to want to rethink. Don’t place yourself under unnecessary stress, despite the fact that your present employer would like that you proceed quickly to depart your choice to join your potential employer.

LONG HAUL: once you’ve opted to change your mind and accept the counter offer, this really becomes another time around at your present employer. You’re re-contracting with your existing employer and it can’t be business as normal. Your priority has to be about maintaining and/or re-positioning your private brand:

• you’re likely to remain, and it’ll need to be a long distance to avoid being tagged as someone who doesn’t understand what to do yourself.

• For those who, the next time, opt to take another offer from outdoors, you can’t permit another counter offer scenario to take place. That would be detrimental to your brand.

ORIGINAL REASON: It’s vital that you maintain your initial motive for Bearing in mind. Typically the situation that caused you to believe leaving would haven’t changed.

PUSH FACTORS: When you took a decision to leave your present employer as a consequence of push variables, you certainly know exactly what you wished to move away from and these variables are unlikely to change simply because you’ve opted to remain.

PULL FACTORS: on the flip side when you’ve been drawn by pull factors, you might not be entirely sure that really the grass is green on the opposite side. This is sometimes a bet, if you don’t have made intensive study and you’ve got valid details that support your choice.

CAREER MANAGEMENT PLAN: should you end up confused with the offer and counter offer dynamics, then consult with a career management program. If you don’t have one, then you’re in big trouble, as you’ve actually set your career direction on auto pilot. You’re gambling with your own career. The advice will be to desperately put together your livelihood management program.

LIFE PURPOSE: In the event you don’t own a career management program, you need to at least have obvious purpose in existence. That is exactly what you had been created to become. Not everyone can find and reconnect with their own life goal. Some spend their entire lifetime and die without having found what their life goal was. Thus, without understanding exactly what your life goal is, it’s not possible to draft decent career management program. If you don’t understand what your life purpose is, then you’re as great as being in an intensive care unit. You need to end up a life coach to partner with you on your life endeavor until you’ve found your life goal.

RIGHT REASONS: You should always change businesses for the ideal reasons. Maintain your connection with your prior companies wholesome. Don’t concentrate too much about the material advantages of career move. Your joy and life purpose would be the key determining factors in the management of your livelihood. As soon as you’ve declared your decision to depart, and this relies on strong reasons, please don’t hesitate, depart. And avoid being away the run, return gift. That’s bad for your own personal brand.

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