The Best Person For Your Job Might Be A Robot?

During during that 2016 Presidential Election year you have so tired of this Political Correctness and name-calling (being known as a racist) which you decided to hell with it and hunted for Donald Trump. Why is it that so many Americans believe this way? Perhaps it’s because the political correctness we are pressured to isn’t true, it's not exactly what we deserve and we’re tired of it. Look like a former Franchisor CEO, all I wanted the best man for your job – and I didn’t give a rats rear end if this was a person, woman, gay, straight, black, white, young or older individual. I used to not care their faith or non-religious standing – I only wanted to win. We weren’t in business to lose.

Now I personally believe that the best individual for your job, might not be the very best man to get another occupation and vice-versa. Various people have distinct gene expression, IQ levels, social abilities, experiences, instruction, physical skills, only a several kinds of athletes tend to be far better at Figure Skating compared to Snowboarding and these kinds of bodies tend to be quite different. I believe that is how things, specialty, markets in the food chain, corporate hierarchy, little business kingdom, and services – which 's how nature functions – why go contrary to what functions?

The ideal working system to fly an unmanned aircraft won’t be just like the digital chess champion, along with the AI ​​system used by executives at a decision making matrix won’t be like this one GM uses to create cars in the mill, so GM will pay the legal expenses of all of the marriage neighbors (ouch, sorry Michigan).

Sometimes the best man for the task is a computer software application, occasionally it’s a much better machine, and at the long run for an increasing number of businesses it’s going to be a robot. Not necessarily, but if it’s the choice needs to be based in fact – actual prices for workers and the price of actual depreciation, maintenance, purchase and installation of a robot. That’s in case the job person versus robot is equivalent in time and quality. Perhaps a robot prices $ 200K, and you also know it’s going to be obsolete in 5-years to perform a particular job – well, you may mathematically find out if it’s well worth the cost or if human labour is greater and less costly.

Yes, there’ll be occasions when the best man for the task is really a robot, and since the future advances, I bet that the costs of robots return, so that the robots might indeed be the ideal choice more of the moment. Please think about all this and believe on it.

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