Strengths Beat Weaknesses

There appears to be this much attention on flaws in society.

# & It 39;s a frequent interview question:”Which are you biggest flaws?”

I really do know it's important to know thyself, such as your flaws, to be in a position to be the very best person that you can be and also to maximize your work performance.

And I really do know it's important to pre-prepare some interview-friendly flaws. [Tip: Just discuss flaws that are peripheral to this job which you're using for – it's not a fantastic idea to mention a weakness that’s the most important skill necessary to do the task for example! And remember it's a fantastic idea to follow each mentioned weakness with a brief explanation of the best way to handle it will enhance it into a job setting. Showcasing your initiative this manner can help you to develop a weakness into a strength…

Neverheless, I believe we took a wrong turn in putting too much focus on flaws. Particularly at work, where performance inspection procedures are usually focused on identifying flaws and developing strategies to enhance them.

as soon as the reality is, even in case you’ve got a pure weakness possibly it won’t affect all that way, regardless of what you’re doing. I mean, if you're not especially good with numbers, you're likely never likely to be. Likewise should you're not a creative person, you then 're likely never likely to be.

Isn’t this the entire reason we're different at the first location? So we are able to function as a group to match each other's natural abilities? And so we could all contribute our unique strengths to make something much better and bigger than we can make by ourselves.

Additionally, we can occasionally find ourselves respecting somebody who’s in a function that we’d love to possess a single evening, automatically assuming that to be able to maintain that place we’d need to get exactly the very same advantages as them. And possibly feeling because we might feel helpless in the region of ​​their greatest advantage. However, this isn’t really logical once you stop and think about it even Presidents and Prime Ministers are quite different through the last few years and had plenty of unique strengths; there's certainly no size that matches all for any 1 place.

Therefore # & let 39;s do something revolutionary and also select not to concentrate on our weaknesses! As opposed to always trying to improve, # & let 39;s observe and enjoy our natural strengths rather.

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