State No To Child Labor

Well the most vital issue of our culture is to be revealed here. If we take the Bird ' s eye view of our culture, one of the most usual view which will catch our interest and stimulate out ideas would certainly be of the youngsters who are working simply to make their bread as well as butter. The terrific responsibility of earning can be seen on their sickly shoulders, lean bodies, hollow cheeks as well as yearning eyes.

Those hands which crave for holding the pen, those minds that wish for education and intend to relieve their thirst of education are forced to function. These youngsters are used to render cheap labor in hotels, manufacturing facilities, pastry shops as well as offices of different companies. They are maltreated, over used as well as dishonored by their masters. Although they function from body and soul however what they obtain actually is heart tearing and nerve smashing therapy and also what concerning their wages? They are rarely adequate to keep their body and also heart together

Seriously such youngsters are leading a dog’s life and the very view of such fellows relocate one ' s a great deal as well as leaves heart wrenching impressions on one ' s mind. Why it occurs? Why so? Why do we individuals so fascinate in our materialistic searches that we do not take actions, we do not raise voice to eradicate such issues. Simply since of the reason that the youngsters whom we see working as well as depriving are not our very own ' s. Although it is a bitter pill however still it is a bare fact as well as worthless truth. Can we deserve the title of humans when we fill our appetite in 5 star resorts and also treasure the life in Air Conditioned rooms when at the exact same time those little souls also do not obtain a hearty dish? Usually they need to starve, their life teems with groans and also groans. Why do we not take note of such evils which are dominating and also hovering over our society, which are deeply rooting out the morals and playing a mayhem to our culture?

When the lives as well as the legal rights of the children are at the stake, there have to be no quiet witnesses. You can not regulate child labor, you can not manage enslavement. Some things are just wrong.

The really factors which guarantee kid labor are the expensive education in our nation which is an unapproachable dream for a bad ' s child. In order to fulfill the day-to-day expenses of life, moms and dads have to send away their kids in order to make money. Youngsters contribute to their income leaving far behind their very own ambitions, dreams and also desires

Secondly, Feudalism is the root reason of kid labor. The large shots of culture leave no option for inadequate than to gain. Children are made to work from morning till late evening however such strive for excellent life does not bring sweet taste to their bitter life as well as tranquility to their rough life. Job benefits absolutely nothing for them when their age demands education and learning as well as recognition

Well what concerning laws? They have just come to be a dead letter. It seems to be an Optimistic plan and also an uphill job.

Certainly it is a wild goose chase as well as a mare ' s nest to mere talk about the laws and also not to apply them. Still it is a moot point to extricate kid labor from Pakistan. All the strategies are still on the anvil. For this, we need to marshal the facts. It is compulsory to jewel oneself with expertise that is why education and learning ought to be offered to a bad likewise due to the fact that they have aspirations and also dreams as well and also no body can take their rights from them. Their should be appropriate reforms in our social and also economic systems and also feudalism ought to be boycotted.

Kids are the future of any nation. Certainly when they would certainly be provided an education and also descent job opportunities, they will lighten up our nation to such a level which one can not picture. Their hands are not made for lugging the bricks. Rather of it, they need to obtain education, they need to bring reforms, they have to ooze out their hidden abilities, just after that our country would end up being an example for various other countries!


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