Seven Essential Questions to Ask Before committing to Facilitate a Workshop

The crucial questions that you want to ask your customer before you move.

Picture this situation – the cold telephone

“Hi, I'm out of Limestone Coast Environmental Authority. # & I 39;ve ever been awarded your title. # & we 39;re after a facilitator to our company planning day. Are you available?”


“Hello this really is actually the Manager of IT. # & I 39;ve ever been told you ease meetings. We will need to find arrangement for our divisional donation into the Corporate Strategic Plan. Can you assist us?”

These forecasts constantly arrive if you're wrapped in a towel, relaxing yourself until a conflict resolution workshop or at the dentist waiting room. If you can’t concentrate, organize a time to return. The scouts were correct when they stated,”be prepared!”

Starting off

Most customers don’t call if they possess the abilities in their work group to take care of the issue. They’re frequently under stress and might haven’t had the chance to speak through the matter with anybody. Listen well, reflect back and be more generous!

Right from the beginning you're establishing a connection. If you don’t win this particular job, the customer will recall that you’re engaged and curious.

Create a trusted contracting procedure which will help you ask the ideal questions and memorable exactly what 's moving on.

A core set of questions to ask should contain the following:

  1. What'therefore prompting the choice to perform this workshop today ? ) (Listen to your response. Can there be a strategic demand; a willingness from the customer to resolve an outstanding issue or occasionally a need of financing a body.
  2. Who’ll be involved? (Are there any decision makers, key holders or participants using a contested perspective of the matter?)
  3. Has this category discussed these problems before? Just how long ago? What were the results? (Request reports from previous workshops)
  4. What are your expectations in a report? (Just how much detail is going to be required? Who's the target market?)
  5. # & What 39;therefore the funding? (in case the customer asks you regarding your charges -provide to send a quotation after you't worked out just how much labour is involved.)
  6. What will a successful depart seem like? (Listen well. This can help frame the Goal, Outcome and Procedure )
  7. Is there anything else you have to tell me about this matter? (including the political scenario, set of stakeholders, battle between participants etc.)

until you begin the workshop

Clients that regularly utilize facilitators give straight forward responses to those queries. Others might have to learn more about the problems with you. They might not understand how to get there, however, they generally know what they need.

Fight the urge to consent to a procedure prior to you're clear about the intent and result.

Your customer will also have queries. They#39;ll wish to understand you have the ability and confidence to perform this job. Describe how you've handled similar issues; inquire if they#39;d just like a job brief with examples of earlier work and the contact and name of an earlier customer.

In the event the range of the job is past you, think about co-facilitating using a colleague that has been employed within the area. Should you require support to speak through your procedure design, utilize the FIC online forum.


If alarm bells are sounding and also you 'feel stressed, it's time to check your premises!

This is where you want all of your facilitator awareness. Should you feel there could be a disconnect between the customer and the participants, then ask whether you’re able to meet with some important participants and examine your assumptions.

If there’s not a customer / facilitator game, you might indicate you're not the ideal person for your job.

I really do so when…

  • I believe my heart values ​​don’t fit with those of their customer;
  • # & It 39;s a one-off job which needs days of prep at my cost;
  • It has the capability to stress me out to the point at which # & I 39;m not able to send for my regular customers.

Trust your gut sense, it functions for you as a facilitator and it’ll do the job for you personally with customers.

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