Facilitators – Beware of This Shiny Object!

Should you're accountable for designing and conducting effective meetings and assignments, you understand that sometimes it’s possible to get diverted.

This guide can allow you to remain on track through comprehending the simple Adult Learning principles to effectively participate individuals.

# & You 39;re probably aware of the various sorts of learning methods. To Combine, in short, there are 3 chief kinds of communicating and learning – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Most of us use the 3 kinds to some extent however, for all us, 1 form is often favored and used more efficiently.

Why do you want to understand this?

Should you're inventing a session or delivering a demonstration most of us understand the importance of remaining focused. A vital part of our function is to keep participants on track and staying with us. Here we will need to do everything inside our super-powers to minimize distractions.

Don’t forget, at a normal population the percentage of these fashions is V = 35%, A = 25 percent, K = 40%. ) Therefore it's worth being conscious of the various styles, what arouses their involvement and learning and significantly, that which distracts them.

Here's a manual that will assist you.



  • Like studying
  • Love drama and artwork Great at reading facial expressions and body language. )
  • Use phrases such as:”I find ” and”That seems right”
  • When spelling they try to 'view ' the term.


  • Intense movement and action in a venue.
  • Action beyond the place (eg movement nearby windows or people walking past)



Like to listen and speak

  • Prefer to learn from lectures, discussions and sound records.
  • Use phrases such as:”It seems appropriate” and”Listen to this”
  • When spelling they try to 'noise # & out 39; phrases phonetically.


Background sound, unwanted discussions, garden blowers, telephones.



  • Similar motion and activity.
  • Prefer to understand from writing, behaving, pacing and gesture.
  • Use phrases such as:”I believe that’s true” and”I make it”.
  • When spelling they try to compose the word emotionally to see whether it feels appropriate


Sitting still and being trapped indoors. Boredom, not having the ability to maneuver

The vital message

Be alert to your favorite style and everything distracts you . Work needed to remain focused. As soon as you get distracted, and therefore do your participants – diversion becomes magnetic.

Andrew Huffer provides a selection of professional development programs covering Event Design, Facilitation Skills, Marketing and Succession Planning. In addition, he assists a selection of customers in the design and delivery of community involvement team preparation procedures.

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