Equality and Fertility at the Modern High Tech World and Workplace

Sometimes I wonder if girls happen to be had as it comes to this whole”equality” item and feminist movement. Before women weren’t expected to operate and they worked hard in the home raising the children, while the guy of their household worked long hours to supply. Feminists told me that this wasn’t fair and that girls could do tasks just like guys. Great, and in most instances that’s accurate, but now the movement has masked men, therefore women are staying single and they now need to do both – lift children and work their butts off in work.

What happens is children don’t have a father figure, children become latch-key kids, and the mother dies of a heart attack ahead of her period or suffers a near nervous breakdown. Obviously, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and a lot of women find a way to turn into Super Moms, akin to this super personalities their children watch from the animations and big screen TV in the home to keep them busy. How can anyone presume this is a fantastic deal for American ladies? Oh, but it gets worse.

In US News and World Report there was a fascinating article titled;”Building a Better Baby – Freezing eggs opens the doorway to a future where each birth might be genetically engineered,” by Jamie Metzl printed on October 22, 2014. Metzl is also the writer of an excellent book”Genesis Origins” where he sneaked to the growth of people and the way we’re mixing this up today with designer babies and the prospective future. In this article however he provides us insight into the way that modern day high-tech businesses are playing these new notions and how it will influence our society at the time of equality for girls. The article says;

“Recent reports of Apple and Facebook currently offering to pay the expenses of the female workers withdrawing and freezing their eggs has touched off a nationwide debate. Argued it provides girls the wrong message regarding work-life equilibrium and contrasts them intimately to companies mainly interested in their unimpeded work merchandise ”

Wow, these businesses are hiring girls, effectively enslaving themtelling them to put off having children to pursue their livelihood, then exploiting them at the labour marketplace. And this is known as;”Equality” just since they’re allegedly giving jobs to women over men? How can anybody find this to be great for girls?

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