Adopt Change – Need of the Hour

It’s that time of the year when folks consider shift in tasks , shift in plans and shift in functions . Add to this, organizations considering changes in organizational structures, protocols and policies. What was significant yesterday may not be significant now. Someone may have changed their mind about something. Market conditions might have changed, or so the political situation might have changed or might be the planet is changing around you.

It may be silent stressful if such changes occur around you or with you. However, is alter the main reason you feel stressed out or can it be the manner in which that you believe alter that daunts you?

Let’s accept the fact that things change and that change is unavoidable. It’s useless to over-analyze the advantages and disadvantages of something which is inevitable since it’s barely on your control. However, how you perceive and react to it’s yours to control. So how can you deal with change?

Let us examine a simple yet powerful tool to take care of change. The ADKAR model of handling change.

Awareness: Be attentive to the demand for change.

Want: Want to make the change occur

Awareness: Knowledge about ways to alter

Skill: The capacity to execute the new abilities and behaviour

Reinforcement: Make sure the new abilities and behaviour are continuing

Let us have an example to determine exactly how ADKAR model functions in fact.


When you began your company a couple of years ago with a few customers, you worked on a excel sheet to control and support customers. With your customer base with spanned 500 you understand there are regular delivery slips as a result of tediousness of functioning in an excel sheet. The group makes the decision to construct and execute a CRM system.

ADKAR in the office

A warnness: You’re already aware that you will need to modify in the comfort of working within an excel sheet and also learn how to use a seemingly intricate software.

D esire: Regardless of how much pain you might need to undergo to learn the use of some new software you would like to experience the pain as you know it’s likely to benefit you completely.

K understanding: You add a while to learn how to use the applications

A bility: You’ve taught to utilize the new platform which lessens the procedure mistakes that had happened.

R einforcement: Even though you’re low on productivity originally, you gradually through training, learn it. You continue to learn how to utilize the system optimally hence reducing mistakes further and raising productivity


You’re certain to boost your customer base farther without the fear of slips in service delivery.

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