Contribution of Weavers as well as Artisans to the Indian Cultural Situation


The industry which has an extremely abundant society since the pre-independence period is the weaving and also inventions market. This certain sector has actually become has a considerable income for multitudes of individuals of our country. Possibly one of the most fascinating fact, which a lot of us might be blissfully not aware of is that the weaving market has actually secured for itself the second setting after farming, as a way for work and livelihood.

This has come to be feasible only as a result of the truth that manpower and workforce is offered at less expensive prices as well as what is more, the raw products which have actually aided this industry to grow by leaps and also bounds are available with fantastic ease.

Historical Background

Let me currently bring to light, the history of this market and the employees. Well, historians as well as excavators have effectively found several proofs that result in the reality, which the weavers and artisans have actually been trying to contribute to this industry from the times of the Indus Valley people. Also a number of chroniclers have actually rightly mentioned that throughout the times of the wonderful impressive Ramayana, weaved short articles were in use, which clearly show that this market has actually firm roots interwoven with the abundant culture of India.


It is a fact to be happy of, that the weaving market in our nation is possibly the most flourishing areas of mass job. Bottomless unrefined products as well as a boundless supply of inferior work have contributed to its success. Due to the fact that of the worldwide exchange liberalization and family monetary changes there has actually been a notable result on this particular market.

The weavers as well as artisans not only weave vibrant saris, bed sheets, stoles yet also create several other woven material, which nearly all people make use of in our daily life. These craftsmens as well as weavers place their heart in their woven items which makes these items so attractive that people from various other countries as well long to purchase such hand made items. They have aided a whole lot to maintain up the abundant culture of India by generating such products that mirror our Indian culture.

For example, a lot of us have actually found out about the Benarasi saris, which have made Varanasi famous as well as popular. Lakhs of weavers pertain to Varanasi to find a method to gain their income and end up generating such incredibly developed saris which are used for using by the women on a number of events.

You will certainly be surprised to know of the fact that, greater than 3 million weaving markets have surfaced in India. Another fascinating reality is that more than 12 million weavers are used to these sectors to generate the finest high quality materials for the people.

Potential Dangers

The significant risks to the Indian weavers include destitution, little assistance from the federal government, as well as issues created by middle men. In current times, lots of weavers had actually dedicated suicide because of the prime root cause of destitution.


However, several existing initiatives from completion of the government have actually assisted revitalize the problem of the weavers substantially. The here and now campaign of the principle of ' Made in India ' likewise has actually helped to concentrate on the weavers and craftsmens.

Basically, it can be said we need to all collaborate to aid the weavers, because it is they that have actually assisted a great deal to restore and maintain the Indian society.


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