5S Solutions For A Effective Visual Management System (Part One)

The 5S options is a method used in office for a platform to make a visual management system. The phases comprise SERI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, and SHITSUKE.


The very first phase of 5S entails removing all unnecessary items in the work place. Be extreme! If in doubt, throw it all out! A successful 5S system is dependent upon an uncluttered working environment. This reduces wasted time place looking for tools, flags up manufacturing issues before they occur, decreased waste costs related to keeping unnecessary things and makes employees communications simpler and clearer. Regular practice would be to spot with a red tag any things that aren’t required or incapable of doing efficiently. These are then taken to a fundamental place for disposal or reassignment.

SERI Tools

  • Printed or plain cardboard tags
  • Tuff-Tags are produced from rubber kind polyurethane that makes them extremely robust and flexible. They take all sorts of marking inks, suitable for use in moist environments, and may be cleaned and reused. Also as 'reddish tagging' faulty items they may also be utilized as a very simple method of colour programming items. Offered in packs of 25 in blue, red, yellow, green, orange, black, white and purple
  • Metal detectable Tuff-Tags are available to be used in food factories. These are distinguished by their darker color
  • Colored cable ties are utilised to shield printed tags and for colour coding objects. All these are metal as regular, making them well suited for food factories. Sold in packs of 100 in blue, red, orange and green

SEITON – Place order / Simplify

At this stage, the vital things, identified at the Seiri point above, are coordinated in this manner they are simple to find, simple to get and so that anybody can comprehend what things are missing in a glance. Places are clearly tagged, frequently with the usage of a picture or a '# & shadow 39; that reproduces the form of this merchandise. Shadow boards, flooring tape and floor images are essential to this Seiton stage. Shadow boards use a shadow of these items to indicate in which every is retained, and frequently use colours which are distinct to the instruments themselves so missing things are instantly evident, even in a distance off. Keep signage succinct and easy. A nicely signed facility isn’t just more effective; it saves time, reduces mistakes and so conserves endless frustration in addition to waste.


  • Shadow boards – Everything that’s required is a picture of those tools and a few dimensions. The instance board shown above comprises extra-heavy duty fittings because the shadow boards were set up in commercial vehicles. These fittings come in America in which they’re utilized to hold gear in fire engines!
  • Flooring marks- From normal flooring tapes, through to completely bespoke flooring graphics – we’d be very happy to quote to a solution specifically tailored to your requirements
  • Prints signs on a broad selection of materials for a much wider array of software!

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