3 Different Management Societies

A Financially Driven Society

I am Monetarily Driven for the benefit of my stakeholders.

I am driven to make a monetary profit.

My economically driven company dreams to make massive earnings.

The function of my firm is to earn money.

My focus gets on my economic budget.

I have a big marketing spending plan to change the consumers that I lose.

I have a huge sales budget to educate the team to offer my product or solution.

I am driven by a worry of scarcity and a requirement for lots.

There is never sufficient revenue produced, also when I achieve budget.

I am driven by my greed and a need for an extravagant way of life.

I can not make excessive money.

The more money that I make, the a lot more powerful I think that I am.

The consumer is only right when they purchase from me.

A Customer Driven Culture

I am Customer Driven for the benefit of the customer.

I recognize that the a lot more pleased the customer the more cash I make.

I understand that organisation success comes from a mutually helpful purchase.

The customer pays an equal rate for the value of their purchase.

Worth for cash is necessary.

Many of my business originates from client recommendation.

I have an extremely reduced marketing budget.

Keeping customers is necessary to me.

I do not offer; I aid my clients to acquire in as many means as possible.

I am driven by my vision of bringing worth to the globe.

I aim to please.

My satisfied clients recommend the worth of my items & & solutions.

A customer ' s perspective is always appropriate.

The consumer ' s point of view of my service is essential to me.

A Success Driven Society

I am Success Driven for the benefit of my Self.

I am not driven to complete earnings.

I am not driven to accomplish worth.

I am not driven to obtain status.

I am not motivated to achieve, obtain or accomplish any form of success.

I am equipped to prosper on my chosen course.

The function of my trip is my individual advancement & & development.

As I establish & & grow on my course with life, I succeed.

My joy at enjoying my journey is the step of my success.

When I enjoy with my success, I am no longer driven to do well.

My demand to do well is a declaration of my failure to do well.

When I know that I have actually currently been successful, then I can experience my success.

My success is ensured.

I just need to take pleasure in the journey.


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