You Call THAT a Crisis?

# & Here 39;s the present scenario: # & I 39;m sitting at a hotel room in New Jersey, only about to leave for a cruise boat that can take me-along with 200 or so of the best traders for Clopay Garage Doors-on a five day trip to Bermuda. Wonderful, right? As a motivational speaker, # & I 39;ll do many apps for its traders, in addition to emceeing that their black-tie awards show along with some other occasions. # & I 39;t got a few tuxedos packed, together with tops, slacks, shoes-you know, the usual. So here#39;s the issue:

As of a couple of hours before, according to the airline rep, my bag was back in Seattle.

This is a issue. # & I 39;m wearing jeans, a polo shirt, and a sport coat. It appears that that's exactly what # & I 39;ll be wearing for another week. The airline has provided me an”emergency kit” consisting of generic toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.. The deodorant seems to be a powder of some kind.

Alright, so this isn’t the way I had been hoping this could go. # & I 39;m not sure the customer is going to be amazed once I emcee their gala service in jeans and a deodorant powder stained shirt.

UPDATE: It turns out my bag is not at Seattle. # & it 39;s at New Jersey, in the airport, and also the first airline representative had made a mistake. They#39;re racing it to me today, and all will soon be well.

However, what if it was turned out like that? Imagine if the information from a few hours past was right, and I’d had to go the polo shirt and powder path? What then?

You know what? The entire world would have retained turning. I’d have purchased a couple of floral Bermuda tops on the boat. Perhaps they sell deodorant and name-brand toothpaste. The Clopay traders and I’d have had a fantastic laugh at my cost, especially as I emceed their black-tie gala in jeans and a flowered shirt. They’d have had an excellent time in Bermuda, and for a long time to come they#39;d have the ability to laugh at that time that the speaker#39;s bag did not appear. A week from today # & I 39;d return at home and the next day that the sun would still grow. And you know what else? # & I 39;Id had a blast too!

Look, you can find actual disasters. Bad things happens. Actual disasters happen. This wasn’t among these.

What 's happening in that your planet? What's that your emergency du jour? And-is it actually? Can it matter ten times from today? If this is so, then yes, cope with it. Allow me to know if I could help. However, otherwise, have a deep breath. Count to ten, or even a hundred if this 's exactly what it requires. Get a little perspective.

If my luggage had arrived or not, in a few hours # & I 39;ll be on a cruise to Bermuda with some terrific men and women. If this 's a catastrophe, then please provide me another one !

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