What the Heck! Letting Stress Move by living and Loving What Is

Growing a run this afternoon across the banks of the gorgeous Swan River in Perth, I had been captured in a mystical, gigantic downpour. My initial instinct was to sprint. And I thought -“What the hell! It wasn’t going to prevent me from becoming saturated anyway, so why not simply enjoy feeling and getting very wet!” Liberating.

As I relaxed and began to let myself to like it, I found myself running around enormous puddles of water. I slowed down and attempted side-stepping them. My self-awareness kicked -“What the hell! The last time I actually ran with my sneakers completely soaked was once I had been completed in a comparable downpour performing a very long trek!” So permitting my inner kid to have fun stomping on these puddles, I had the most wonderful experience only getting completely soaked. Surrendering into the second… exhilarating!

It advised me unlike the swans and ducks, who flew from pure intuition as I ran with them, as people, we’re endowed with all the magic gifts of self-awareness, creativity and separate will. As opposed to react instinctively, we’ve got the capacity to pause, take inventory, envision, select and choose a better route!

We all have a choice in how we wish to live our own lives. Using hindsight, a few conclusions made might not have given us the desirable outcome but that isn’t the point. We can always create a”better” option based on previous experiences rather than responding substantively every time we’re faced with a circumstance. And when that better option turns out to be favorable, all isn’t lost. We can learn from this and try to make even better choices in the long term. It isn’t about finding the”perfect” choice – it doesn’t exist. It’s about being even more aware, purposeful and mindful of the options available to us along with also the openness to take opportunities that come up with the calmness that comes from knowing we have contributed of our finest at the point and can have a positive lesson out of each adventure.

So, how are you reacting to the changes in your lifetime laately? Just how much have your responses been from pure instinct instead of proactive will? How could surrendering and only allowing yourself to concentrate on the positive opportunities of this shift be a liberating experience for youpersonally?

What else are you putting off or saying”no more” to automatically? Is it that telephone call to fix or pursue a relationship that is cherished? How about that route # & you 39;t always wished to do, cure # & you 39;ve been setting off, experience or vacation # & you 39;t wanted to pursue? What chances might take a”what the hell” strategy create?

Pick to take that step now – it could only change your life and in the very least, you’ll experience a moment of pure magic and liberation!!

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