The Job Description And Various Career Paths Of An Aircraft Mechanic

Using a successful career doesn’t necessarily require a high-flying level. There are lots of classes having the same program as diploma courses and offer better job opportunities. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course is a prime example.

This program isn’t a degree or diploma. It’s a permit which qualifies you to keep various kinds of aircraft in top working condition. Beside it, it provides you a vast array of other related jobs that can earn you quite good income. Beside the permit, no additional level is needed to function as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME).


So what’s the actual job of somebody that has finished the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering class? Simply explained, the accredited AME will be involved in fixing and maintaining the mechanical and avionics gear of an aircraft in order it is safe to fly. This is an onsite job; this is at hangars on airports and you need to receive your hands dirty so as to save lives.

The engineer must scrutinize the mechanical and electronics to make sure they are in perfect working order. While doing this, the engineer must use diagnostic equipment that’s been licensed and approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation. If any area requires replacements or repairs, this needs to be undertaken too by the engineer.

An eye for detail and the ability to choose the on-the-spot decision is a really important characteristic of an AME. If part of the aircraft equipment is functioning correctly, whether it requires minor repairs or if it has to be replaced promptly is a crucial decision where lives are determined. Hence that the course includes topics about the construction, structure, functioning, upkeep and repairs of equipment.


There are four distinct kinds of tasks a certified AME are able to apply for, no matter their AME Institute the permit has attended. They have some shared responsibilities and some distinctive factors, such as:

Avionics Engineer

This engineer or mechanic needs to inspect, maintain and fix safety gear when flying. This may demand auto-pilot system, elevation management system, weather-reporting system, etc.

Airframe Engineer

This scientist is responsible for the optimal operation of propellers, motors, aircraft framework, skin, windows, doors, wings and the avionics gear too.

Power Plant Engineer

These engineers must look after all of the components which don’t come under the purview of their Airframe Engineer. Including servicing of engines, power plants and at times propellers.

Aircraft and Power Plant Engineer

This scientist is responsible for each and every security element of the aircraftcarrier. In reality, the engineer plays with a joint job of an Airframe engineer along with also a Power Plant Engineer. This project requires experience in both kinds of tasks prior to the candidate can manage such a massive responsibility.

The classes of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges have been approved by the DGCA. Salaries would rely on the country where the engineer is functioning and the degree of expertise.

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