Crucial Skills Required In Our Age of Automation

Component 1: Key Insights In The Future Leaders Summit

After being a speaker and corporate trainer for 3 years, I recently ventured to the digital world to sponsor my very first online event – the Future Leaders Summit. With 31 amazing guest speakers, the Summit attracted tens of thousands of attendees from nearly 100 different nations. And wow! I definitely learned a great deal! And today I’d really like to discuss a few of my primary insights with you.

What an honour it was to interview a number of the best worldwide leadership pros and bestselling authors since they shared cutting-edge info regarding the future of work, the challenges and changes we are all facing, and fundamental skills necessary for the future. With such a wide selection of speakers and subjects, my goal was to inspire present leaders, new leaders, potential leaders, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, in reality anyone who wishes to develop professionally and personally.

In part , # & I 39;m discussing some essential advice from my interview with Graeme Codrington, a renowned futurist, researcher and expert speaker. When I talked to Graeme, it was easy to feel his great enthusiasm for understanding the intersection of technology and people.

Where will the 2020s accept us?

In my conversation with Graeme, he shared intriguing information from his business 's research about where the 2020s might take . He explained that the vital change in mindset for us as people is to examine the tasks we need machines to perform.

# & Here 39;s the fantastic news: Around 30 or 40percent of what people do can’t be carried out by machines. And even better news: There are lots of important abilities that computers aren’t likely to create any time soon.

Horizon Scanning

Among those critical skills is exactly what Graeme calls horizon scanning, or”what if” thinking. This is the capability to check at the long run, to find out exactly what 's forthcoming and also to produce situations. A good deal of folks have the mindset of wanting to look after the systems that exist. But, leaders now envisage another future from one which seems inevitable given present systems.

Creativity And Intuition

Another crucial skill is your ability to think of new ideas, and Graeme reported this remains something which we don’t totally comprehend. There's a science behind this, but it still exerts a good deal on gut feel, or instinct. In technical terms, this entails understanding when it's appropriate to operate”beyond the rule book”. Human abilities are wanted in understanding when principles and processes aren’t working, then find a creative, yet instinctive solution.

Private Intelligence

I like the expression Private Intelligence which Graeme uses. # & it 39;s an intriguing twist on the normal term which most of us know, Emotional Intelligence. The attention here is about understanding yourself. Including being aware of your own strengths and comfy with your flaws. # & it 39;s being aware of everything you're very good at and what you're not great at, and recognizing that's you have a team around one to compensate.

The top associations from the 2020s may have leaders and individuals that are really in tune and comfortable with who they are.

that I wasn’t amazed that Graeme hit about the significance of understanding ourselves as leaders and recognizing we have a group around usbecause this is something which a number of my own Summit guests spoke about also. So do look out for part two when # & I 39;ll be discussing a number of the main insights in my interview with Mark Sanborn, who’s enthusiastic about sharing which we don’t require a name for a pioneer.

I hope you enjoyed learning a number of the main tips from my interview with Graeme Codrington. I’d love you to discuss your ideas about a number of the vital skills you believe will be necessary for all of us to future-proof our professionals within our automation era.

Here's for your own success!


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