If Money Does Not Motivate You, What’s?

2 decades back, I blatantly took a new job that paid 50percent less compared to my prior job. Why would anybody take a large pay cut financially? Could the”specialists” be correct? Is cash not the large motivator we believed it was?

Are you currently contemplating a change in your lifetime that offers something greater than earnings? Before you read any farther – cash is significant and my strategy involves earning money. However, I plan on making more income on MY TERMS rather than operating a conventional 9-5 job.

Can you choose a 50% pay cut?

I required that cover cut 2015. # & I 39;t looked back. I desired more TIME to pursue my own company and TIME with my loved ones.

# & It 39;s been the best choice I't ever produced. I loved the job that I abandoned (IT job management), but my LIFE was MISSING SOMETHING.

Are you currently unfulfilled in your own career?

Lots people are unfulfilled, nevertheless we believe we’re trapped due to cash or situation. For another five minutes, imagine that you aren’t trapped. Envision you made a switch to do something which you#39;t always wanted to perform. What could you do with your life when money wasn’t in the core of your choices?

The ability to shoot a 50% pay cut didn’t occur overnight. My strategy began 3 years before in 2013. This is precisely what I do know based on my trip

  • I knew 5 years ago I HAD to make a change or I’d be working my high paying job before social security kicked .
  • I understood I had a 2nd source of earnings which may SURPASS my high paying occupation.

6 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Getting a Pay Cut!

  1. How do I need to devote my time?
  2. Should I take a pay cut, how will my life change?
  3. Should I live, will my life change?
  4. What do I do to extra income?
  5. If cash wasn’t a factor, what could I do?
  6. Can there be something lacking in my own life?

The key has been understanding what I wanted from life.

Time with family was much more important than earnings. Time spent my house business are my next source of income which would help me produce a legacy for my kids.

What could you do with your life when money wasn’t your determining factor?

don’t let this just be a fantasy. Let this be a fact for YOU!

gives you the Right for You,


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