Happy Employees, Happy Customers and The Easter Bunny

Should you feel that the key to enhanced client satisfaction and retention is located in worker pleasure then it’s very likely that you also believe in the Easter Bunny!

there’s a headline widely utilized in the area of consumer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention which sees both correct and accurate. While the term changes from time to time it’s basically this: Happy Employees, Happy Customers! Common sense suggests that the mantra is mostly correct. In reality, at first glance it’s difficult to think there might be no harm in such an easy term. However, because most of us know conventional wisdom is often wrong. If you’re in the company of improving customer outcomes I suggest accepting this tidbit of traditional wisdom will turn out to be frustrating and costly. Let's look at two major concepts that are inserted in the timeless delights approach: Employee recognition and worker participation.

Employee recognition programs are believed to influence employee happiness and employee satisfaction. The anecdotal evidence suggests that this might be accurate for many associations. But just about 50percent of managers surveyed think their employee recognition programs positively affect customer retention. Why such a minimal relationship? This is true because employee recognition programs are intended to enhance worker retention not client retention.

In some situations we frequently see that honored workers do provide the very best customer support but the connection cannot be relied upon as an universal reality. Oftentimes we find that cost, aggressive trading, intensity of crucial occasions, or the client 's client circumstance more significantly affect the client 's re-purchase choice. The purpose: Invest in employee recognition programs chiefly to boost employee retention. Customer retention is much better enhanced through other ways.

Think worker participation instead of worker recognition if you would like to enhance customer retention, equity and loyalty. Several organizational conduct research studies find that just approximately 30percent of employees are actively engaged in the company, 50percent aren’t engaged, and approximately 20percent are now actively dis-engaged. This group is functioning to undersine the decent people! Engaged employees are linked to your aims and supply ideas and innovation to increase the near future. It is possible to do things to have workers engaged but it isn’t probable you may do things directly associate pleasure to outcomes.

W. Edwards Deming provides some advice in this respect and his thoughts can be applied to both client retention, loyalty, and equity.

1. ) Remove barriers that rob employees of their right to pride of craftsmanship.

2. Institute a barbarous program of schooling and self-improvement.

3. Breakdown barriers between sales, service, production, and bookkeeping.

4. ) Focus on continuous improvement not questionable metrics.

5. ) Efficient production won’t keep you ahead of contest or create clients contented.

While the Easter Bunny is a interesting idea and fantastic for kids; the job of consumer retention isn’t # & child 39;s drama. Only a thought!

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