Get More Stuff Done… The ideal Way To Create A To Do List

Hey, how do you wish to understand a means of getting more things done, in time? Want to raise the efficacy of your group? Wish to learn the simplest way (I am aware of) to rid of procrastination?

I had been taking so.

# & There 39;s no time like the present therefore # & let 39;s get crackin '.

For the record, # & I 39;m a natural born ace…

Procrastinator, that’s. Yep, I'll acknowledge it. # & I 39;ll set off things earlier than a New York moment.

I hunted for high and low to get a”system” to keep me on course, make me more effective and just plain get things done in a simple manner.

Fortunately, I discovered the holy grail of”company productivity systems” No mess. No fuss. No darn applications to install. It had been dumb easy and it works.

OK, simply to keep things on the up side (along with also my Karma sparkly clean)I didn’t invent this little strategy, so I can’t take credit for this.

This technique has been devised over 100 years past. Plus it works like a charm.

The genius behind the method was Ivy Lee happed to be an American people pro and creator of contemporary public relations.

This 's the narrative.

It was 1918 and quite wealthy Charles M. Schwab, president of Bethlehem Steel Corporation asked Lee to”show me a method to get things done”

Lee responded,”Give me 15 moments with each of your executives.”

Schwab asked,”How much does it cost me?”

“Nothing,” Lee stated. “Without it functions. After three weeks, you may pay me anything you believe it's worth for you.”

Lee clarified his easy way of getting more things done to every one of Schwab's executives.

The Ivy Lee Method

  1. In the conclusion of every workday, write down the six main things you want to get done tomorrow. Don’t write down over six jobs.
  2. Prioritize these six things in order of their significance.
  3. When you get to work elsewhere, start working on the initial endeavor. Continue working on the very first task until the job is completed before beginning the next endeavor.
  4. Function the reminder of your record exactly the identical manner. In the conclusion of the afternoon, proceed any imperfect things to some other collection of six jobs for the subsequent day.
  5. Repeat this procedure daily.

Yes, this is mad straightforward. Schwab and his group brave it that a try for 3 months.

Can it work? Yes, it worked… exceptionally well.

In actuality it worked so well that Schwab telephoned Lee to his office and wrote him a check for $ 25,000.

Thus, if you're searching for a means to do this, without complicating your life, why don’t you give this a try into your company?

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