Core Values: Integrity Is a Priority

Early in the career of a young man, the fantasy job of travel the world and studying a high-tech industry occurred. The imagined chances to encounter unique cultures, remain at the best resorts, eat exquisite cuisine, and also have paid to do it turned into a reality! An additional advantage was that the 3 other guys in this area engineer team were older and experienced and eager to train and direct this young guy. Does this get any better than that?

The new trainee unaccompanied every one of those men at least two excursions and shortly attained most international travel wasn’t enjoyable for them. Guess who thankfully volunteered for all of the overseas trips? The administrative and technical areas of the project were just an issue of textbook learning, but other”grey” areas that’d workers needed to ascertain for themselves.

Among these grey areas was expenditures. Maximum amounts for dinner prices were predetermined for every day and didn’t need receipts. All 3 menave exactly the very same directions on which was recorded as the daily per diem for food – overcharge to find a little excess money.

The new man in the group had been uneasy with lying about the price tag, but wished to fit in so bear into the peer pressure. Compromise at 1 area shortly resulted in a choice to continue down this route or make ethics a priority. When confronted with the supervisor about the meal expenditures, the young guy advised to overcharging about the cost report. Luckily, the manager had been contested and understanding the young guy to tell the truth and never give into the external pressure to correct.

A valuable lesson has been learned because young guy retained integrity a priority from that point on. Verification of the narrative is simple, because that young man was . The beauty of being a man of integrity is it is straightforward. Just be honest and also a individual that keeps their sentence. But simple doesn’t mean simple.

there’s a cost to pay to be fair. Some land damage was completed at a camping area from the boys at a schedule I supervised unfamiliar to my employees or the camp ranger. Afterwards after departing the camp ground, among the boys confessed. The ideal thing to do is report that the episode although it was probably the liberty to camp again could be missing. An extremely convenient location to camp has been gone, but organizational and personal integrity was preserved.

The cost of losing a handy location to camp was minimal. The price of not having the ability to appear troubled boys in the eye and say,”do the ideal thing” could have been enormous. These contrasts are an issue of core values. Constructing a reputation of ethics takes years and can be solidified if the ideal thing is done regardless of paying a cost of inconvenience, financial loss, or humiliation.

Reality TV has great and poor examples of ethics. Survivor calls for lying, cheating, back stabbing, and individuals selling their soul to get a million bucks. The winner is decided by the participants voted out. Paradoxically their choice is based upon the individual that may be reliable… at least a bit.

Contrast that with Undercover Boss where owners of organizations are disguised as ordinary workers. The most touching moments happens at the end once the boss is revealed. Owners of organizations are profoundly touched by men and women with integrity and that do a wonderful job even if apparently nobody is visiting. The employees are transferred because someone, especially the manager, recognizes their ethics and hard work.

Establishing virtuous core values ​​from a young age is the perfect, but is an excellent time to work on ethics. A vital portion of ethics to begin with is honesty. Your term is the one thing you can give and maintain. Be loyal and fair in small things and people will trust you with larger things.

These easy, although not simple core values ​​serve society well and result in a conclusion. Integrity isn’t just a priority, but a requirement which promotes credibility and authority too.

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