Consistency Over Intensity

One of the coolest ideas I had been reminded of now was that of” consistency more than strength.

Dan Millman, in his publication”Peaceful Way of the Warrior” states” # & It 39;s MUCH better to appear at the gym frequently to get a simple exercise than go off to get a few hours each week. Little daily than a whole lot once in a while. # & it 39;s best to meditate for a couple minutes per day to get an hour once per week. A few hours once weekly.

Reminds me of a fantastic childhood friend who loves a thriving career in law. Francis is highly regarded by his contemporaries because of his professionalismism, integrity and ability. What I love about him is his love of people and life, a fantastic sense of humor along with his never-ending pursuit for studying and providing life a go. Every year, he sets apart a few holiday weeks investigating the world and pushing his bodily limitations – climbing a few of the roughest mountains, checking out volcanoes, diving the depths of this sea.

I asked him how he handled the physical, psychological, religious and logistical preparations of his experiences even though an exceptionally demanding working program. He attributes it to two things – firstly, understanding and living your priorities in life and second, taking routine, consistent activity . He’s never”crammed” his coaching instead, focusing on daily, constant state that’s him at a peak state of physical fitness. Like others, he finds it difficult to devote two hours a week per week to instruction. He is, nevertheless, able to devote every day into some 15-minute cardio exercise. On days when he's been able to slide this in throughout the course of the day, he'd perform the 15-moment stairwell scale up the two floors to the flat he used to reside in (he lives in a grand mansion). Daily, he puts aside 10 minutes each morning consuming and preparing a healthy cocktail of vegetable juices, mediates, reads something which amuses him in the method retains his entire body, mind and soul in tiptop shape.

Thus, what’s some thing you can devote to performing every day per week which at the medium to long term will require your achievement and fulfillment to some other degree? What’s that apparently huge goal you’re procrastinating about that tiny little, constant bite-sized chunks will allow you to conquer? Maybe it's practice, studying or studying, spending some time with a loved one, taking out time to admit individuals on your group, prayer, meditation, writing, putting aside money into a savings plan, eating well or cutting back on non-constructive vices.

Here are a few recommendations to effectively implementing this principle of”consistency over strength” to your daily life:

  1. Start off with only 1 commitment or aim.
  2. Compose down this goal in SMART terms – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound.
  3. Envision having already attained the results – reflect on the advantages you and the others around you may stand to realize because of this success.
  4. Break down the goal into bite-sized bits – what action (s) do you want to accept a weekly or daily basis that will allow you to get to the target?
  5. Plan to reward yourself (even if just in a small way) each single time you't followed through on this.
  6. Discuss this target together with someone who you aspire to be reassuring and reassuring.
  7. When it'therefore potential, locate a spouse who's interested in attaining a similar aim to work together with you so that you can be supportive, supportive and hold each other accountable for following through.

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