Character Counts, But It Can Lead You Astray

Let me start off by saying I put a high value on a individual 's personality. But unlike like many executives and coaches I’ve worked with, I understand it isn’t quite as determinative because it’s often portrayed to be in the media as far as most men and women think it really is.

Trainers frequently brag about a participant being of top character. Teams and companies often proudly say that they just hire individuals who have character that is fine. Yet we’re inundated with news reports about employees who perpetrate malfeasance against their company, and gamers that run afoul of the law against the very same businesses and teams which just hire individuals with good character.

The premise we have a tendency to create when matters such as that I just clarified happen, is that the company or team was incorrect about these folks ' degree of personality. While this is a legitimate possibility and at times true sometimes, chances are much greater that the main reason behind this is known as the Fundamental Attribution Error. That is where we have a perceived characteristic in a person and assume that because they have it in 1 place, it applies to all regions. When it’s a good attribute, like high personality, it’s frequently known as the”Halo Effect”

We neglect that good individuals sometimes do bad things; such as the clergyman who cheats on his taxes, or the guy who volunteers to assist underprivileged kids and then goes home and abuses his wife. Not long ago, many professional athletes were obtained for tens of thousands of dollars with a financial adviser and if one of the bigger victims (QB Mark Sanchez) was reliable because he had been a Christian, therefore assuming that he was fair and dependable. That is a great illustration of an attribution error in actions.

New leaders often begin by stating they’re just likely to bring in large character people. This is an excellent and noble concept, but if you start attracting high character people into a corrupt environment, they’re more likely to become tainted also, as opposed to be in a position to convert the tainted folks into individuals of high character.

Sometimes it’s far better to clean house and build up. When trying to salvage what was great, you might wind up creating an attribution mistake or two when determining what or who to maintain, and be right back where you started until you’ve got a opportunity to be successful.

Therefore, my advice to teams and businesses would be to assess the character of each one your prospects, but don’t use this investigation as a greatly regarded factor on your hiring decision.

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