Being Doing? Which Comes First?

# & You 39;re likely in great company when representing chicken and egg kind queries. After all, questions surrounding the genesis of existence are hotly debated and will undoubtedly remain to be for decades to come. So that the one which gets me, does the”do” precede the”be” or will be another way round? Do-be or be-do? And yet another question for honest measure-why does this matter?

But if behaviour (the doing) is due to our values and attitudes (the being) it appears to follow if we would like to modify our behaviours we will need to change our beliefs about matters. My beliefs about somebody will influence how I act. Envision how you’re very likely to”be” interacting with all the next:

A1. Having a boss that asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to that you are feeling doesn’t speed you

A2. Having a boss that asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to that which you are feeling does speed you

B1. Having a peer who disagree with you but you feel s / he doesn’t honor you

B2. Having a peer who disagrees with you but you feel s / he can honor you

C1. Having a direct report that has made a mistake however you think has tried hard

C2. Having a direct report that has made an error however you think hasn’t tried hard

Possibly the manner in which you react in each pairing will differ though the context is identical. The”Be” will influence the”Can”. That is the reason why actual behavioral change is indeed hard. Our perspectives are frequently not clear and even if we reach the origin of how in 1 scenario we could flow like a river and stop as a jalopy in a different – shifting our perceptions about ourselves and others isn’t always simple (so we continue constantly getting what we always obtained and didn’t want).

That can be when the be-do ordering may develop into its own, though it requires some guts and may be like altering the hand you write with. That is when you switch through the performing first and also the being follows. So imagineyour boss that you feel doesn’t speed you asks the response to and you also ACT like s / he rates you personally and requested that question! How can you communicate? What about body language? Your tone? Your breathing? And, eye contact as you assert the reply will be coming?

If you replicate do-be-do-be-do-be a couple of times, it doesn’t appear to matter that comes first- that they leak into each other.

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