Are You Prepared for Your High Winds?

Hurricane flat winds.

# & That 39;s exactly what they#39;re advising us in the Pacific Northwest. As I write this, there's a storm coming, and they're advising us to prepare for hurricane level winds. So I ready. I purchased extra water and food. I put new batteries in my own flashlights and smoke sensors (my electricity nearly always goes out at high winds). I made sure I’d candles. And wine. Because, you know, high winds.

But what should the predictions prove incorrect? Imagine if the winds never materialize? Are my trainings squandered?

Not at all. It doesn’t hurt to have extra water and food (and wine). It doesn’t hurt to have new batteries. Simply speaking, it doesn’t hurt to be ready.

Why don’t you prepare the high winds in your small business?

# & Here 39;s how I think of it: It's best to have a contingency plan and not need it than need a contingency plan rather than have it.

In case you don’t yet have a contingency plan (or, more correctly, programs ) for your”high winds” into your company, I strongly recommend you collect your staff and spend a day working with it.

teaming up with contingency plans is essentially a two step procedure:

  1. Figure out what could fail.
  2. Figure out exactly what you'll do about it.

Step one can be a bit frightening (I mean, you're essentially plotting doomsday scenarios), but it could also be enjoyable. Just produce a list of whatever you can imagine that would negatively influence your company. This section of the procedure will likely just take approximately 15percent of your whole time.

Currently for step 1b. [You: “1b? So there are actually THREE steps? Why did not you just say so in the first place?” Me: “I did not want to frighten you.”] Measure 1b would be to put your listing in order of likelihood. So”Marketing effort neglects to improve market share” would likely go over”Meteor strikes Earth and wipes out all life on Earth.” Probably. And please, don’t get to a half-hour argument about whether a specific item ought to be number 7 or 8-it'therefore the big image that actually matters.

And today it's time to the heavy lifting. Just take the top five things on your record, and think of a strategy for every. Possibly the best seven, should you're feeling rough. You don’t have to think of a strategy for your meteor scenario.

Any fantastic high school soccer coach has contingency plans for every match. He understands what he'll perform when his very first string quarterback becomes hurt, or when the opposition team utilizes another defense plan than they#39;t used previously. # & he 39;therefore guessed it out beforehand. And so if you.

Because, after all, isn’t your company as significant as a high school soccer game?

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