10 Great Reasons to perform an Engineering Master’s in Germany

As soon as you say Germany, you immediately consider secure and modern streets, best cars on the planet and all types of technological inventions. Every one is caused by vast research and improvements in the technology and engineering field produced in Germany.

Therefore it's very obvious for any pupil who appears for an engineering level to consider her or his research choices in Germany.

Assess below ten big reasons which can convince you Germany is a leading destination for a Master's degree in technology, in any jurisdiction it is possible to consider.

1) German universities bill low tuition prices or not one whatsoever
Most universities in Germany notably the public universities charge low or even no tuition fees to all pupils globally! They’re in fact called”administrative charges” of approximately 100 – 200 EUR annually, which are supposed to pay student services, prices like bus tickets into the college, or even the student cafeterias.

But, public universities situated in Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Turingia will charge tuition fees and you’ll also need to pay tuition should you register in a Master's degree in a completely different area than the one that you researched as a Bachelor pupil.

two ) A number of scholarship opportunities for Engineering students in Germany
Plenty of associations in Germany provide scholarships to international students. These include universities, research associations, government organizations and corporates to list a couple.

Scholarships are dedicated to pay your tuition fees (if desired ) or to encourage at least a portion of your yearly financial expenses, such as lodging, research materials, etc.

DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium are a few of the very prolific scholarships suppliers, however there are numerous different organizations offering financial aid to international students.

3) English-taught apps in German universities
Germany is among the greatest destinations around the listing of non-English speaking countries using a massive popularity among international students. This is a result of the simple fact that the majority of universities in Germany provide Master applications in English especially dedicated to overseas students. All research levels have high academic criteria including for technology and engineering specialties.

4) Attend top-ranked universities in the technology area
German universities are constantly present in most reputed college positions, but they’re also acknowledged for their significant contributions in the technology area.

Based on QS, here are leading 7 German universities greatest rated in the technology and engineering field in 2017:

Technical University of Munich;
RWTH Aachen University;
Technical University of Berlin;
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology;
University of Stuttgart;
TU Dresden;
Darmstadt University of Technology.

5) Pupils enjoy a reduced cost of living
The price of living in Germany is reduced in comparison to a lot of areas in Europe like the Nordic nations. Students may restrict their costs for as low as 630 EUR a month in a few of the smaller German cities, for example:


International students in Germany have been permitted to work around 720 hours ie 90 complete days annually. Part-time jobs paying to 8 euros each hour are easy to discover and a fantastic way to make a little excess money.

6) Research and cooperation with the technology industry
Germany has always been in the forefront of cutting-edge study. Italian universities and centers of study have consistently worked closely with businesses and businesses, and developed near symbiotic and tactical relationships. This provides students exciting opportunities to utilize their abilities in real-life situations to fix actual issues.

Technical University of Munich for example, has partnerships with famous companies like Siemens and General Electric, BMW and offer students the option to operate on research projects in cooperation with local research facilities such as the Max Planck Institutes and Deutsches Museum.

7) Choose from an assortment of engineering degrees
no matter the sort of technology Master&# 1 39;s level # & you 39;re curious about, you're certain to locate your study choice in Germany.

By specializations such as nanotechnology to media technology, cartography to climate system sciences, the wide variety of classes offered by German universities is indeed broad; you’re going to be spoilt for choice! So it won’t be tough to discover your perfect engineering Master's app and concentrate in a market within this ever-evolving area.

Listed below are a few examples of popular technology levels in Germany:

Mechanical Engineering Master's levels in Germany;
Electric Engineering Master's levels in Germany;
Biomedical Engineering Master's levels in Germany;
Space Engineering Master's levels in Germany.

8) German universities pay for a varied and global surroundings
Faculties in Germany flourish a multi-cultural surroundings that makes any pupils readily accommodate to the academic program generally.

According to the latest data supplied by ICEF Monitor, over 300 000 international students have selected Germany as their study destination. Pupils often praise the standard of classes and research centers and the highly seasoned professors.

Pupils are happy with the fact that classes assisted their self-development and have been generally delighted with instructor participation. Many also report high academic standards and thoroughly experienced professors. The standard of facilities can be praised by many pupils.

9) Engineering projects in Germany
Considering that the German market is mostly driven by the production industry, jobs for engineers are normally not difficult to find. In reality, because most technology German organizations take part in complex and applied research, Germany will constantly require science, technology and engineering specialists.

Based on current data, Germany has the next greatest number of technology employees among all workers in the EU.

Foreigners are permitted to reside and work in Germany and generally, wages for technology specialists are about 46,126 EUR annually.

10) High quality of living in Germany
German cities like Munich, Berlin, Hamburg are always ranked one of the most scenic cities in the entire world. Large cities in Germany are also, generally speaking, safer compared to those from the USA. Since Germany is situated in the center of Europe, it’s not difficult to go to plenty of other European countries, including Austria, France or Belgium.

According to OECD statistics, Germany also ranks above the average in education and abilities, work-life balance, occupations and earnings, environmental quality, social relations, private security and well-being.

What exactly are you waiting for? Start looking for engineering Master levels and prepare yourself for a successful career in the technology and engineering field.

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