How to create a sales funnels and make money online?

The sales funnel for dummies is used in business to business marketing and sales to optimize the sales processes and the quotation quota. Sales funnel refers to measurable, clearly defined steps between the selection of potential customers until successful completion or optional follow-up business.

Here in the following, we have given a complete guide to creating sales funnels.

What is Sales Funnels?

The Sales Funnel or Conversion Funnel is the process that allows you to define the path that your Buyer Persona must travel from when you first visit your website until you complete the sales process and become your customer. In short, this method is your first ally to boost your digital marketing strategy.

Did you know that according to a study published by MarketingSherpa – 68% of B2B (Business to Business) companies have not yet identified their Sales Funnel and 79% of marketers have not established a rating for their contacts.

Hard to believe, but it is because the initial mistake is to start a campaign to promote a product or service, without being clear about the main objective and the sales process that users should experience.

Not having a Sales Funnel for dummies in your digital marketing strategy is the equivalent of blindly crossing the highway to reach your car on the other side. The result will simply be fatal to you and you will have many more losses than gains.

Why you need Sales Funnels?

What are the benefits of creating a Sales Funnel to promote your brand and how does it influence your digital marketing strategy?

· Constant monitoring of the sales process:

The sales funnel for dummies allows you to observe and analyze carefully the behavior of your users through your campaign or marketing strategy and in this way evaluate what works and what does not.

· Focus on the Buyer Person:

In the era of digital marketing, you must optimize your content and your strategies to the fullest. With this we want to tell you, that the most valuable thing you have is your Buyer Persona, that is why you must work for and for him because thanks to him your conversion funnel will generate the expected sales.

· Value proposal:

Sometimes we forget that there can be many organizations selling the same thing, so you should strive to boost your business.

In these cases, the funnel will help you better understand what the value proposition you will offer with your brand, as well as identify the ideal client that you will not only attract but also to which you will provide a solution to your problem.

· Increase productivity:

The most significant thing is that your sales process can be much more organized and optimized through various tools that will help you in the creation and monitoring of the Sales Funnel for dummies.

· Turn visitors into customers:

Using sales funnels, you can easily convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Tools you need for affiliate marketing:

In this era of Digital Marketing, it is increasingly necessary to have help, especially with tools for affiliate marketing that allow us to keep up with the growth of the Internet.

That is why you should take advantage of these marketing tools which we summarize and are the main options available to undertake or improve your Affiliate Marketing.

So let’s start with the most important tools for your affiliate marketing system for this year:

1. Clickfunnels – Funnel Builder:

Clickfunnels is a really powerful software for building websites, if you want to learn more, you can read this Clickfunnels review and learn about Clickfunnels price, you can also check funnel hacks and funnel builder secrets for the best clickfunnels special offer

ClickFunnels is a comprehensive marketing tool. It has quickly become one of the reference tools in digital marketing.


According to the testimonies collected by the company itself, one of the aspects that it likes most among its customers is the wide range of solutions that it provides to the user, integrating into single tool processes and tasks that until now were distributed among other service providers.

These are the other great solutions it provides.

Web Page Editor:

ClickFunnels has its web page editor, easy to use and with a large number of templates that adapt to businesses in different sectors.

Within this editor, one of the highlights is its funnel creator: according to certain variables (a type of business, objectives, type of client, sector, etc.), this tool can create very different funnels, always customizable by the client user, with analysis of results and much more.

Shopping Cart:

Another of the highlights of the ClickFunnels is the shopping cart that it provides.

It is a shopping cart that integrates perfectly with the web and facilitates the purchase and payment process, without the need to resort to third-party platforms, which could lead to incompatibilities or other errors.

Email and Network Automation:

With ClickFunnels you can automate certain tasks of email and social networks.

This is possible thanks to its well-designed application, which allows the creation of lists or the sending of personalized messages depending on the activity of the leads.


Each funnel created with this tool can be associated with an affiliate program to encourage other users to expand your products or services.

(Clickfunnels is a really powerful software to build a list and make money with it, if you want to learn more, you can read this Clickfunnels review and learn about Clickfunnels price ,you can also check funnel hacks and funnel buiilder secerts for the best clickfunnels discount )

2. Activecampaign – Email Autoresponder:

An active Campaign is a tool that allows you to manage email marketing in an automated way and allows you to perform a series of key operations in this marketing strategy.

Total email marketing automation:

Automation is essential in email marketing and this is one of the main potentials of ActiveCampaign. With this tool, you can measure any relevant element in the process and depending on the action, label the user in one way or another.

The personalization of the Newsletter:

ActiveCampaign allows you to create specific lists of subscribers categorized to create newsletters focused on an exact type of person. However, this tool allows you to include lines intended for only one or more people thanks to the labeling of the users. That is, a newsletter is sent to all subscribers and those chosen will see apart. Another possibility is to send a section of the email only to those with a specific email manager.

Simple interface:

It has a very simple and easy to understand interface when creating the first newsletters. The same occurs at the time of subscriber labeling. To create funnels you only need to drag and drop.

Results in real-time:

This tool allows you to see how a specific subscriber who has received the email in real-time acts, including knowing their exact movements.

3. Wealthy Affiliate – website hosting and support community:

Wealthy Affiliate works similarly to other websites such as Facebook or Twitter. But instead of focusing on sharing photos, videos and things like that, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where different people who have an interest in making money online through their hobbies and / or tastes, help each other to get it.

So far it has been a very fun and rewarding experience for the users, so we would like to explain why you should be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge community of people who all pursue the same goal: earn income online. What was noticed as one of the first things, there are no false promises made at Wealthy Affiliate. You can successfully start your self-employment with this program, but this takes time and your work input. Get rich quick, so get rich quick, this thesis does not exist here.


Wealthy Affiliate Logo:

Likewise, Wealthy Affiliate offers a very comfortable content area that makes writing and formatting your blog super easy. Also, the complete hosting area is covered.

Community is the greatest strength:

One gets with providers only access to the learning materials and then possibly has a personal tutor who can help you with any questions. Not so at Wealthy Affiliate. Here the community plays a big role because here you have the opportunity to interact directly with other members.

There is a live chat where you get help quickly and reliably. Even the company founders, especially Kyle, are often found here and are on hand with help and advice.

How to build your funnel?

If you are interested to build your funnel, it is very easy to do. Following is the process.

1. Build a “Sales Funnel” using Cluckfunnels – Got to

2. Build an options page.

3. Setup follow-ups emails using ActiveCampaign – Go to

4. Integrate Clickfunnels with the active campaign.

5. Drive traffic.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Funnel?

It is common to hear about the most common methods that marketers use to drive traffic to funnel and websites. There are both good advertising strategies with ads on Google or YouTube, as well as other methods that involve using social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

While these are the best-known ways to reach an audience, there are also other more discrete traffic sources. Here are some that you should consider trying.

Solo ads:

Solo-ad is one of the best ways for internet marketers to reach their message to a large number of targeted audience at a cheap price.

Solo ads offer many benefits for any company since the most prominent is effortless traffic generation.

If you are wondering how to generate more traffic to your business using solo ads, let us learn briefly.

First, you can start by searching for the right provider for you. This is crucial when using solo ads for traffic. The provider must have a huge number of subscribers that have a particular product niche.

Then create a headline by compiling the headline. The audience is sensitive and should be handled in the best possible way to make it more rewarding for your business. For this, that is interesting enough for subscribers to be willing to open your email. Frame the body in a short and simple reading to keep your interest and attention.

Offer a good link: The worst thing you can do with an individual ad in another potential way is to add a link that is not easy to click. You should make sure you use a link that is quick and easy to click.

Compare between sellers: By researching your potential solo ad sellers, you will be in a position to choose the one that has the greatest potential for you.

You can go to to get high-quality solo ads.

Email Marketing:

As old and sometimes unattractive, it remains a very viable source of traffic. Email marketing is a powerful tool, and perhaps the biggest advantage is that it is very cheap.

Traffic options like this are excellent because the consequence of a failed email campaign is minimal compared to other strategies. Of course, keep one thing in mind: do not disturb the recipients of your email with constant spam.

If you want the best and effective email service provider, we recommend going with Active Campaign – You can go to to sign up.

It is very easy to use and also we are offering free training to setup – check this link: to get our free training.

Facebook Ads:


Facebook is currently the social network par excellence, it is the “center of the universe” for the lives of many millennials and for digital marketers it has meant a new category in the profession and a profitable market niche.

Facebook can turn a user or an audience into customers and buyers. You just have to create effective support campaigns so that everything works properly.

At present, to sell physical products or services, it is only concretized effectively with a digital-advertising impulse as a complement to activate a segmented audience’s knowledge and interest in it.

Guest blogging:

This is a sweeping strategy because it not only generates traffic on your site but also helps with your SEO efforts, which means that you are killing two birds with one stone.

However, one important thing when applying this strategy is to make sure that you are targeting blogs that will give a real link to your page.

The actions to be carried out should be focused on promoting link building and authority. Depending on the blog platform you publish, publishers will have their own rules on when to link.

Make sure that on the platform where you publish the guest allow at least one biography of the author where you can link your site. If they only allow you to mention your company, nobody will bother to look for you on Google to find your website.

One of the best blogging platforms is WealthyAffiliate. You can go to to sign up. If you are interested to learn more on this subject – Do not miss this link for the free training.

Build an online community:

One way to start getting much more consistent traffic is to create your online community. This is done by creating a forum where like-minded people can join and participate in the discussion of any topic on which you have built this discussion space.

You could focus on solving community problems, sharing .gifs of animals of different types or even discussing the challenges of digital marketing. The point is to find something that you think will resonate and will bring your potential customer base together, using it as the focal point of your forum.

Once they become regular contributors, you can easily convert them. Just make sure that the discussion point in your community is sufficiently related to your business, that it attracts the right kind of people who are probably interested in what you have to sell.

For example, if you are in the curriculum writing services industry, a community based on offering help writing the resumes (tips, good practices) will reach the target audience of the brand directly.

Affiliate Marketing:

Instead of doing all the work for yourself, let some people help you. If done well, affiliate marketing is a situation in which everyone wins. Affiliates get their fair share of the purchase and you get yours.

A bit of the negative side of affiliate marketing is related to your initial costs. The initial rates for affiliate marketing can be very burdensome, especially if you are just testing it to see if it can work for your company.

Not to mention that it may be unreasonable to suddenly close your affiliate program and leave your affiliates in a high and dry state.

Of course, with more risk the rewards increase. Marketing with an affiliate program takes your business to a whole new level. Not only is the source of your traffic likely to be highly convergent, but the amount of traffic this can generate can be astronomical.

If you want to learn other unique ways to drive traffic – Check out this link to learn more.

In this way, sales funnels for dummies are a tool and sometimes model for the successful acquisition of new customers or distribution in project business or technical sales. Both forms of sales belong to the business to business (B2B) sector and sales for short.

(Clickfunnels is a really powerful software for building websites, if you want to learn more, you can read this Clickfunnels review and learn about Clickfunnels price, you can also check funnel hacks and funnel builder secrets for the best clickfunnels discount)


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